The big story of the winter so far has been weather. In the northeast, there have been no less than four winter storms, which is debilitating enough. Yet this was taken to a whole new level as New York/New Jersey readied itself to host one of the premier events of the year, Super Bowl XLVIII. This was going to be the first outdoor Super Bowl game in decades. The weather predictions were dire – over 12” of snow and record lows at game time. The contingency plans were being floated – the game might need to be played earlier or later. The financial risk was steep as lucrative Super Bowl activities might need to be cancelled. All of which would lead to the National Football League being the architect of, what many reporters and sports fans described, the disaster of the century! In the end, the weather was glorious for football and the event was a tremendous success!

The entire 2014 Super Bowl episode, made me think of the many times I have worried, become anxious, even resigned about what would happen. Then the future arrived and I saw that my worry was in vain! Have you ever experienced this?

This past weekend was such a time.

As my trip to Florida was materializing, the weatherman entered with predictions of a crippling ice storm on the day of my trip. My immediate reaction, “What would I do if weather derailed my plan?” I was really looking forward to this trip. The first action was taken by the airline. They cancelled my flight and rescheduled me for a later departure. Then came the reports about airport closures and extensive cancellations. As worry thoughts began to enter, I chose to remain present. With this present mindset, I didn’t go to places I used to: “Oh no, my trip will be cancelled!” or “Why is this happening? I really want to get away from the cold weather.” Instead, I reminded myself that my travel plan was intact and, if necessary, I could travel a day later. I was free of worry and upset and didn’t start anticipating how disappointed I would be. On the day of my flight, I got to the airport without a problem and my plane took off close to on time!

So, big picture: it is important to have options in the event of a crisis but, living in the present provides access to Freedom around circumstances, even events like weather, which are entirely out of my control. Things might not work out as smoothly as Super Bowl XLVIII or my trip, but, along the way, a little presence makes a big difference!

What are you worried about right now? What is the focus of your attention? Consider looking at it from a “present” perspective and be sure to let us know how this impacts your experience of the situation.