When you love what you do for a living and things are going really well maintaining the status quo is easy to do. But, what about when things change and what you do for a living is not going as well as you’re used to—what can you do?

In 2008 I went through more than the usual ups and downs of a freelancer’s life but, this was more down than I was used to. To say I was worried is an understatement! My initial questions – Why is this happening? How can I possibly support myself in this kind of environment? What am I going to do? – simply raised my level of anxiety.

From my Freedom Zone practice, I knew I needed to improve the quality of my questions—the ones that immediately came to mind left me feeling stuck. So I did a little work inventory and asked myself some different questions.

What did I enjoy about my work? It’s always new and different. Each project might be similar but each group of people I work with is different. So, it was always fresh!

What were some of my best qualities? I am flexible, creative and solution-oriented. No matter what came with a project, I worked with it and worked around it, always finding a solution.

This new exploration made me feel optimistic! Hopeful! It helped me look at my situation in a whole new way.

Rather than asking myself questions that had me stay in the problem, lost in a forest of doubt and feeling sorry for myself, my Freedom inquiry allowed me to look at my situation from a different vantage point. Rather than being stuck in blame, complaint or feeling lost, I chose to bring flexibility to the problem. With flexibility came a willingness to adapt and this allowed me to see new options—I began to experience Freedom! What resulted was this: I began partnering with colleagues which opened the door to new work possibilities. I had never imagined teaming up in this way before! There’s no question that my experience of Freedom came because I chose to bring a new attitude to my situation!

Are you dealing with a situation that seems hopeless? What choice(s) could you bring to shift your perspective?