im-too-old-for-loveIt was Valentine’s Day, 2012. I had a really nice life, but no one special to share it with. And I understood why. I was just too old to find new love! Part of that was true! I wouldn’t find love if I really believed I was too old!

I thought about all the stories I had heard of other seniors meeting new loves, so why not me? I decided it was time to change my attitude and recapture the Freedom I had lost in this area of my life. Here’s what I did:

I let go of limiting thinking. The first thing I did was let go of the story I was making up about being too old. I saw that I was just acting like a victim to the circumstance of age! I never thought I was too old for anything else, so why this? No more!

I did some self-loving inventory. I made a list of all the things I was grateful for about who I am. Examples included being grateful that, I am smart, attractive, healthy, have lots of energy, have a zest for and love life, am a good friend, am generous of spirit, etc. I listed as many things as I could think of and I read this list every morning – out loud! I even added to it! What I never did was take anything OFF the list! If I wasn’t “feeling” something on the list that morning, I read it anyway! I was not going to let any self-loathing doubts creep in and try to sabotage me!

I created a vision of my love. I made an extensive list of the qualities I was looking for in the person I wanted to be my true love. I listed the way of being, the character, the behavior, the attitude towards life and me, and the goals and dreams we would share. I read THIS list every morning as well. And, again, if any doubt crept in and I wondered if it could ever really be possible for that “dream” person to love me, I stopped listening to the voice inside and just kept reading!

And then a miracle happened! I got exactly what I asked for – the woman I will spend the rest of my life with; the woman I cherish as she cherishes me! And I acknowledge that I manifested this by transforming my attitude and taking responsibility for what I wanted, asking for it and believing I was worthy of having it!

So, as Valentine’s Day 2014 approaches, please stop believing whatever story you might be telling yourself about who you are NOT, why you do not deserve the very thing you desire, because you too can have it all! Be and acknowledge the magnificence of YOU!