My friends up north are really having a tough winter! Snow and more snow! Cold and dreary! Some trudge through the days complaining about it all; they are as dreary as the weather! They fight the elements in their minds, waiting for it all to pass; anxiously looking forward to the future. No Freedom or joy here!

I have a friend, though, who embraces it all! Jackie wakes up each morning, finding the beauty in the snow, the snuggling comfort of bundling up, the crispness of the air, etc.! She enjoys each day for what it provides and is present to its gifts. What a difference her attitude makes!

While it’s true that spring does seem to bring us joy, and perhaps it’s because we feel lighter, happier, more at ease, is joy really about the external factors like the weather? Or, like Jackie, is it more about the internal “elements”…in other words, the attitude we bring to life?