Remember when you were a kid and you were lying in bed at night, the lights were out and suddenly, there was that scary shadow on the wall? It could be the boogie man, a monster, an animal – all you knew was that it was something to be afraid of!!

So, you’d yell for your mother or father to come save you! They’d turn the light on and, miraculously, the shadow disappeared and you saw that it was really just a chair!!

How scary is your adult shadow? In the book The Freedom Zone: Your Gateway to Love, Liberty and Happiness, we call that shadow the Imagined Truth. And, like the child’s scary shadow, it is based on unfounded fears and, yet, it seems so real; we could almost swear it’s the truth!

The Imagined Truth, or what is often called the critical voice in our head, is a belief we make up about ourselves when we are very young; a belief that tells us we are not good enough to be liked just the way we are, or that we are not worthy enough to deserve real happiness, or that we’re not smart enough or pretty enough to be successful or that we’re not lovable enough to be in the right relationship.

We listen to that negative voice within us and are convinced it’s real. It becomes our truth and the template that colors our experiences. This Imagined Truth stops us from having everything we say we want in life.!

The shadows, like the monster in the dark, lose their power when a light is turned on. So it is with the Imagined Truth. The light that can be turned on to lessen the hold of this internal monster, this negative self-talk, is Awareness. In The Freedom Zone book, you will be able to identify your Imagined Truth and be guided through a process to help overcome it’s hold on you.

Come join us and turn on your light!!