Jillian was introduced to The Freedom Zone book by a close friend. When she got it and started reading it, she realized right away that her need to be accepted, stemming from her Imagined Truth belief that she was not enough, had her constantly looking for acknowledgment and affirmations from loved ones. After finishing the book, she was so appreciative of the tremendous growth she had experienced that she enthusiastically shared what she discovered.

This book has allowed me to understand why I am the way that I am. For years, I have walked around feeling inferior to others, allowing people’s comments to completely affect me in a negative way even when it was constructive criticism.
After reading your book, pinpointing my Imagined Truth as being “I am not good enough” has allowed me to finally realize that I am indeed good enough. This Imagined Truth has even affected my marriage and my relationship with my parents. In many ways, I looked for their approval for everything and if I didn’t receive acknowledgement or praise I would feel as if what I have said or done wasn’t good enough. It has been such a burden to walk around feeling this way and now I feel so liberated and happy. I’ve even seen a change for the better in my marriage.

I know the Freedom Zone Inquiry is a work in progress, and I know there are areas I still need to work on, but, I’m excited to say that I have already experienced such a life change.

Thank you so much!

As Jillian points out, becoming aware of the impact of the Imagined Truth can result in an immediate shift in perspective. In her case, she has begun to experience Freedom in all of her relationships and believes that she will be able to teach her daughters that they do not need to find their value through what others think of them by doing that for herself first.

If you can you relate to Jillian’s experience or think you might have a loss of Freedom in other areas of your life, we invite you to purchase your copy of The Freedom Zone book which is full of ideas, tools and practices that will provide you access to Freedom!