For years I have wanted to organize my apartment. It’s a great space, with lots of room, generally clean, things are mostly in place but it was a cluttered assembly of elements. I have had this vision of making it more open looking, transforming it from a great to a beautiful space. To make this happen I would need to de-clutter but was finding that difficult to do. I had to admit that I was attached to my stuff! Since any attachment is a signal of a loss of Freedom, I needed to look beneath the surface issue, beyond the physical space. So, I began my Freedom Zone inquiry around attachment.

In the process I discovered there were other areas where I was attached including personal relationships and certain business matters. If I let go of what was comfortable for me (how I was used to dealing with relationships and business), I would be entering a vast unknown, where I had no control. With this awareness I began to see that my fear of uncertainty was operating.

So, how did my Freedom Zone inquiry bring about a shift in these areas?

Relationships. I realized how important it was to be accepting and self-loving. This has shifted how I relate to close family and friends—I am my truth with these people now, where before I was afraid to be myself. I no longer feel the need to manage their reactions—Freedom requires accepting that each person is free to respond in any way they choose, not in a way I think they should.

Business. Being grateful allowed me to transcend the disappointment I felt about a business plan not going as expected. I saw the value of a very difficult situation and this has turned around how I operate in my business—I have moved out of my comfort zone and actively promote my business through new networks and collaborations.

Home. I developed a new relationship to my environment by bringing the choice of Creation to my “clutter” situation. One of the practices of Creation, outlined in The Freedom Zone book, is called the Vision Letter, a tool of intention written from a be-do-have perspective: When I adopt an empowering attitude (“be”), I am inspired to take the actions (“doing”) necessary to have what I say I want in life. The Vision Letter is written as a retrospective (as if it is already done) and part of the process includes reading the Letter daily to seed the ideas in your mind so you remain in action around your intentions. To learn more about Vision Letter as well as other tools and practices that provide access to Freedom, be sure to check out The Freedom Zone book.

Here’s what I wrote about my home vision:

My home was the epitome of gracious living—a haven for myself and all who entered its doors, a place of light and aliveness with accents that reflected beauty and supported creative self-expression.
I am happy to share that I am bringing beauty to my home. With the support of a friend, Jewell Staley, I notice I have a new relationship to my home. I now see what I need to throw out, donate or sell; most of all, I am willing to do so. I am using my space better and adding the kinds of touches to design a more beautiful environment to call home. As much as I’ve always enjoyed my home, when I enter now I experience the aliveness, beauty and creativity I described in my Vision Letter.

Are you focused on the challenging situation you are dealing with or what’s behind it? We invite you to comment in the box below.