Start Living in The Freedom Zone!

If you feel trapped, dissatisfied or distressed and you are ready for a change in 2014, try reexamining your past with a new view.

You may be hoping to turn bad habits like a poor diet or smoking, into good ones like eating healthy foods and going smoke-free. But these goals are secondary to something far more fundamental. While you can trade bad habits for good ones, but you’re far less likely to succeed in keeping any New Year’s resolution if you don’t understand what’s driving your behavior in the first place.

Often, the source of unfulfilled desires is what we call the Imagined Truth—the unconscious, limiting and painful belief we create about ourselves based on past experiences. It’s not about denying your past; it’s about healing your past, loving your present, and creating a breathtaking future. And that’s what living in The Freedom Zone is all about.

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Here’s to your Freedom and a New Year of dreams fulfilled!

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